We Are Idun.
We Design Circularity.

Part of Duni Group

Idun begins where most companies end

Welcome to a company designed to break new grounds. We deliver circularity for businesses heading towards a new future. A smarter future for a smarter generation.

In essence, we work closely with fresh-thinking businesses to bring circularity to everyone. In all shapes and forms. Together shaking up the system and creating a new one. A circular one. One that will make us all feel better, act better, be better.

Born circular, we have a forward-thinking approach that separates us from the rest. With a clear focus on research and development, we deliver value that goes beyond expectations. Creating groundbreaking products and services that push the boundaries of technology and business. Let’s design circularity together.

Our commitment

We focus on keeping products, materials, and resources in use for as long as possible. Designing products for reuse, repair, remanufacturing, and recycling. With the entire lifecycle planned from the beginning. Everything we do is to reduce waste, conserve resources, decrease environmental impact, and create new revenue streams.

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Designing for longevity and durability
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Closing the loop on materials
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Shifting from ownership to service models
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New collaborations and partnerships