Subscription-based circular packaging. IDUN Go for retailers is the perfect solution to become compliant, bring down costs and speed up efficiency.

Pay per rotation

You only pay for products that are being used. Each product used costs 5 SEK, covering everything (excluding VAT).

Washing included

We come and collect used products, clean and dry them, and then refill your stock.
Idun Go Collection

What you get?All of this.

Checkout device

Small handheld device for quick scans and easy checkout process.

Table stand

A table stand to help everything run as smooth as possible.


All the products you need come in a closed box, ready to be used.*

Get started kit

A kit to help you and your colleagues get off to a smooth start. The kit includes a poster with a link for customers to sign up.

Promo material

Three table posters and three stickers for promotion.

Performance report

A monthly basic performance report, so you can keep track of everything and see how many rotations been made.
Idun Go Cups
Idun Go Plates